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 لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه

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PostSubject: Iteza's Absence   25th July 2012, 7:26 pm

This marks my first absence post...

Long story short, my laptop is half-dead and the charger I accidentally left in my apartment three hours from where I'm currently posting. Because its so terribly old and tried to kill itself with blue-screens, I am looking for a new laptop and posting from a friend's.

(If you're curious, my laptop is from 2007-- its a literal dinosaur)

This means that my time online will be fleeting, only to check on things.

I may or may not be able to post for the Chuunin Exams; don't sue me, I just don't have a lot of money to go buy a new laptop, and this was entirely unexpected.

Please keep my spot open for the exams.
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Lord Kajimaru

Lord Kajimaru

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PostSubject: Training 1 PC mission with Kaji and Katsu   18th March 2013, 6:20 pm

Name: Training 1
Rank: C
Type: PC
Description: Stab a hiding PC ninja. Then, catch them. The hiding person should fight back but maintain a mostly defensive stance by trying to run away a lot. They should be caught in a special way. Both people will get the award for this mission if they're from Konohagakure.
Reward: 100,000
Participants: Anyone
Post Requirements: N/A

Kaji awoke in the morning with taping on the window. It was a chunin from the village that worked with the Hokage, a messenger boy if you will.

"Report to the Hokage ASAP, you have a new mission that starts today."

"Alright." Kaji said as he got out of bed and stretched his body. Promptly he put on his clothes, his black shirt and shorts over the diamond patterned undershirt and long johns. He walked out the door while trying to put the robe on over the bow on his back and katana at his left hip, it was white with the black flames of Amaterasu coming up to waist height. The robe was big enough to cover both the katana and bow with only small bulges. The sun shined down bright as Kaji hurried to the Hokage. He arrived and walked through the door's ready to receive the Hokage's orders. "Kajimaru Uchiha, reporting."

"You are to meet with Katsuyo at the training grounds west of here, he is to inform you of your mission. This mission is a search and destroy mission simulation, and one of you will be hurt, are you ready."

"Yes sir." Kaji said as he walked out the door and made his way to the training grounds where Katsu was waiting. "Hmmm, I haven't had a mission like this, this is strange." Kaji said quietly to himself as he approached the gates of the training grounds. Waiting on the other side of the gate would be Katsu, so Kaji opened the wooden gate slowly and entered the battlefield.
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Katsuyo No-Yogan

Katsuyo No-Yogan

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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   18th March 2013, 6:42 pm

Katsuyo was waiting on the other side of the gates. He didn't wear his robe to this mission, this mission required stealth, and his white coat isn't the stealthiest attire to wear when in a mission like this. Katsuyo was in a good mood, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day outside. The birds were chirping and the happy sound of the village filled Katsu's ears.

Katsuyo watched as the gates opened and a dark figure approached him. It was Kaji.

" We have an awfully strange mission. The Hokage wants one of us to be stabbed. It sounds weird but i think he is trying to test our skill in stealth. We are basically playing a game of hide and seek. One of us has to be hiding, and the other has to search. In order for us to be successful in this mission, one of us will be somewhat injured. This game of hide, seek and stab will help us in our future mission. This mission will test our ability to look for our opponent, and also test our ability to hide from our opponent if we ever have to, and also test our ability to counter attacks. Since i don't necessarily want to get stabbed, i think it's only fair that we flip a coin to see who hides first. "

Katsuyo finished what he had to say, and pulled out a coin.

" If it lands on heads you go hide and i seek, if it lands on tails i hide and you seek, is that okay?" Katsuyo said.

Katsuyo placed his index finger on the tip of his right thumb, and placed the coin on the nail of his thumb. He flicked his thumb and the coin flew up, the coin was flipping in the air for about 3 seconds and landed on the ground. It was tails
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Lord Kajimaru

Lord Kajimaru

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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   18th March 2013, 11:46 pm

"Sweet! I wasn't exactly in the mood to get stabbed today." Kaji said as he put both of his arms out of the robe where it covered his torso. The robe fell to the ground and Kaji jumped back into the thick brush of the trees. "Hide, I'll give you one minute until I start looking for you." Kaji called out across the field. The training ground were surround in forest with thick leave and large trees, this would not be easy. Kaji counted out 60 seconds while turned facing the large tree trunk of the branch he was standing on. After he finished counting, he took a moment to think of a strategy before going out and looking for Katsuyo.

"Hmm, how can I find him? Shadow clones!" Kaji formed the clone seal and two shadow clones appeared next to him, one on each side. "I need you to search the forest stealthily as possible, try not to make a sound if possible. When you see the target, release the jutsu, I will handle it from there." Kaji said to his clones, then they jumped out of the tree on different sides, one went right and one went left.
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Katsuyo No-Yogan

Katsuyo No-Yogan

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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   19th March 2013, 12:08 am

"Hide, I'll give you one minute until I start looking for you."

After hearing those words Katsuyo started running towards the forest.

" God damn, looks like im the prey" Katsuyo said to himself as he was escaping

Katsuyo was nervous, he was never good at hide and seek as a kid. It looked like it was coming back to haunt him. After running away for 2 minutes, Katsuyo stopped in his tracks. He stood still and thought of a strategy. He thought long and hard, but there was no real strategy he could think of

" If i just distract him with my rock clone, i can buy more time to run away" Katsuyo thought to himself. Katsuyo formed the hand signs Ram → Monkey → Horse → Ram and a rock clone came out from the ground.

" Kaji is probably already after me, i'm guessing he will either have his shadow clones or his phoenix looking for me too. I need you to look like your being stealthy, but be in plain sight. If you see him or his phoenix. Run away, this will cause a good distraction. And before he catches you, crumbles into rock. After doing so i will have a little idea of his intentions."

Katsuyo told this to his rock clone and seeped into the ground. He popped up near one of the tallest tree he could find, he ran up half way up the tree. He layed comfortably on a branch with leaved covering him. He wasn't not visible from the ground. All he would do now is wait
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Lord Kajimaru

Lord Kajimaru

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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   19th March 2013, 12:31 am

It had been about three minutes since his clones started looking for Katsu and still no word. "I wonder how well he is hidden." Kaji said to himself as tightened his shoe laces and the sash around his waist which held his black katana. Suddenly he got information from one of the clones that released the jutsu, Katsu was spotted 45 meters northeast of Kaji position. Kaji stood up, stretched, and and yawned. Right before Kaji was going to set of to find Katsu the other clone that Kaji made released the jutsu and Katsu was seen 100 meters west of Kaji's current position.

"You sneaky bastard, looks like great minds think alike. Rock clone, I hav seen him use it before. I am pretty sure it is the only clone type jutsu he has, and he has never made more than one clone both times I saw it. I am going to have to hope I am right about this jutsu having a one clone limit because if not he will have even more time to get away. The first time the Kaji's clone saw Katsu or his clone, he ran away. The second time Katsuyo did not see Kaji, Kaji had much better eye sight than Katsu so it was easy to spot him from a distance for the second clone. I bet he wanted more time to run or more time to hid, and that is why the clone ran, to take my attention away from him. I'm going to have to use it I guess, though I never wanted this to be used on a comrade first." Kaji closed his eyes and opened them. The sharingan first tomoe was activated, and Kaji could see the chakra within Katsu and his clones' body. The clone was running away from where he had sited Kaji's clone, but Kaji gave the clone orders to release the jutsu once he spotted the target. Kaji now was looking at the motionless Katsu, most likely the real one.

"I really hope this is the real body, and Katsu did not pull a double fake out trick on me." As Kaji approached the fifty meter distance of Katsu, he looked for a clear shot. After moving around the 50 meter perimeter that Kaji imagined he found a perfect spot right to Katsu's torso. He was laying on a tree trunk just resting. Kaji grabbed his bow and one arrow and shot it at Katsu. If Katsu did not move, he would be stabbed in the lower left part of the torso.
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Katsuyo No-Yogan

Katsuyo No-Yogan

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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   19th March 2013, 1:02 am

Katsuyo's rock clone spotted Kaji shadow clone, but Katsuyo kept running. The clone had no choice but to run, that's what the real Katsuyo told him to do. But as he was running, he noticed that Kaji's clone wasnt following him anymore.

" Somethings not right" the clone said to himself. And then crumbled into pieces of rock.

After the clone crumbled into pieces and disappeared, Katsuyo was confused. When the clone crumbled into pieces, Katsuyo basically saw everything that happended.

"Crap, he didn't fall for it. What the hell is he up to, i need to be on the look out encase he..."
But before Katsuyo could finish his sentence, Katsu heard something pass through the leaves. Katsuyo didn't have any way to tell what it was, and it was traveling to fast for him to see. But for protection Katsuyo tried getting out of the way. Before Katsuyo could jumped down, the arrow pierced him right through the thigh.

" AHH!! That fucking hurts" Katsuyo screamed. Katsuyo fell straight to the ground and landed on the right side of his body. The arrow was lodged 4 inches into Katsuyo thigh, almost going completely through his leg. Katsu slowly pulled out the arrow, blood was coming out fast. Katsuyo was pain and he couldn't even move his left leg.

" If i didn't move, that would have went straight through my torso, was he trying to fucking kill me? What the hell" Katsuyo said to himself in a frustrated attitude. Katsuyo ripped off the sleeve of his shirt, and wrapped it tight around the wound to prevent it from bleeding. He covered his right hand in medical chakra, and put it over his wound. The medical chakra slowly started to heal his leg, but it could take up to an hour to completely heal it. Since he had very limited amount of time, he held his hand over his wound, for 5 more minutes slowly healing it.

" That should be fine, its not even close to being healed, but at least i can still walk a little" Katsuyo said to himself, he was angry. He had nothing against his comrade, he just got the wrong end of the stick.

Katsuyo limped onto the battle field, there was no use in running. He was hurt, Kaji could catch him easily.

" Earth style: Earth dome"

After uttering these words, a solid rock dome came out of the ground. There was one opening to the dome, and everything else was enclosed. Katsuyo was now in this earth dome, trying to buy some time. While in the earth dome, Katsuyo creates a rock clone again.

" Just be here and fight him if he attacks, hopefully he wont notice its not me. When he attacks just use the rock pillar prison. This will give me a little time to heal"

Katsuyo seeped into the ground leaving his close in the earth dome, after using seeping into the ground he popped up 25 yards away. He limped over to a tree so he could get rest. Hopefull Kaji wouldn't find where he is.
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Lord Kajimaru

Lord Kajimaru

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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   19th March 2013, 6:39 pm

"Got him, but he moved. I aimed for a non vital spot what was he thinking, he could have ruptured the arteries in his legs." Kaji jumped down from the tree and sprinted towards Katsu who had fallen from the tree. Kaji got about twenty feet away hiding behind a tree. "I don't think he noticed me." Katsu was healing his leg. It looked like he was able to stop the bleeding, that was good, but Kaji still had to capture Katsu for this mission to be a success, just as if it were a real enemy. Katsu stood up and limped towards the field where he created a rock dome. Kaji could see it perfectly because his eyes distinguished chakra by color. He kept his eyes on the original as seeped under ground and appeared next to a tree about thirty meters away from Kaji, leaving his rock clone within the dome.

"I guess it is time to capture him." Katsu was sitting up against the tree on the other side than the dome was on. Kaji pulled out four shuriken and tied 4 coils of ninja wire to them. His plan was to keep two shuriken in each hand and throw them around the tree on different sides, wrapping the tree and Katsu together with the wire. Kaji jumped out of his hiding place behind a tree and leaps up to the dome, from here he uses the dome as a jumping boost to get closer to Katsu actual position. From the air before he landed he tossed all the shuriken in both hands around the tree perfectly as planned. Kaji slowly walked around the tree to see if Katsu had been trapped or had moved just in time.
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Katsuyo No-Yogan

Katsuyo No-Yogan

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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   19th March 2013, 7:08 pm

Katsuyo was sitting up against the tree trying to catch his breath. It was going well his leg was starting to feel better, but this was still a serious injury. His left thigh was swollen, and the blue veins in his body started to show. Katsuyo enhanced his right hand with medical chakra and it started to glow blue. He wasn't too skilled in ijutsu but he was skilled enough to heal a wound. Katsuyo leaned his head back against tree, and shut his eyes for a moment.

" Ah, that stings. How can i escape with a wound like this. Hopefully my clone is distracting Kaji, HAH he's probably fighting him right now, that sucker. It's been longer than i thought, maybe he didn't even see me. I'll just rest here till my clone gets defeated. " Katsuyo thought to himself.

Katsu couldn't hear anything, but the swift wind gliding against the leaves. He opened his eyes to see how the wound was looking, and in front of him he saw two shuriken fly around the tree. It was to unexpected for Katsuyo to do anything, and before he knew it he was pinned against the tree by ninja wire. It cut a little through his skin and somehow tied him to tree.

" Ninja wire, WHAT THE HELL" Katsuyo yelled.

Katsuyo was trapped, he couldn't do anything. The ninja wire was to durable and he was in to much pain to even do anything in the first place. He couldn't believe, he fell for the simplest trick in the book.

" He's fast, he didn't even confront my clone. He must have seen the whole thing, he knew the clone was there. He was already 2 steps ahead of me. That damn Sharingan. I underestimated its powers" Katsuyo thought to himself. He was furious but he couldn't be mad at his comrade. Katsuyo felt foolish for being outsmarted. The ninja wire was wrapped tight around Katsu's body. He knew that Kaji was holding on to the ninja wire.

" I know your there, i admit that was good. You win. Like i said before, i was never good at hide and seek." Katsuyo yelled to Kaji. He knew Kaji was right around the tree, probably waiting to make his appearance.

" No one is here, you don't have to make a dramatic appeareance. Please Hurry and untie me, my leg hurts like shit"
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Lord Kajimaru

Lord Kajimaru

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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   19th March 2013, 8:29 pm

"Of course."

Kaji pulled out the four shuriken that was stuck into the opposite side of the tree than Katsuyo was on. The wire was given slack and fell around Katsuyo's waist. As fast as possible, he rolled the ninja wire back up and put the four shuriken in his bag that was on his left thigh.

"I apologize for having to shoot you, I have to say I aimed for a non vital spot, it was not very bright to move out of the way. You should have more faith in me, because even if I had to hit you again with another arrow, I would never kill you. Are you ready to go back to the village, we need to get you to a hospital before that gets infected."

Rabbit --- Horse --- Monkey --- Snake --- Surface slam down onto the ground.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Kajura, the large Phoenix, appeared next to Kaji.

"Kajura, Katsu is injured any I need you to take him to the Konoha hospital ASAP."

"I understand." Said Kajura. Kaji helped Katsu onto the large Phoenix and they took to the skies on the way to the Konoha hospital.

"Katsu, I will report the mission to the Hokage, just go home and rest after you leave the hospital, I will handle it."

With that Katsu was off to get his leg cleaned up and Kaji sprinted towards the Hokage's mansion to give his report. One more successful mission for the two friends, one of many more.
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PostSubject: Re: لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه   

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لو صميده بقى رئيس جمهوريه هيعمل ايه
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