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 The LR Referral Program

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The LR Referral Program LZy5BBF

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PostSubject: The LR Referral Program   The LR Referral Program Empty12th March 2018, 10:44 pm

Mr. ODazzle wrote:
The Legacies Reborn Referral Program

~It's back and here to stay~

For those of you that do not remember, this was a temporary even in the past where the LR Staff rewarded it's members for bringing friend and others to the site. Since it worked so well the last time, we are bringing it back.

SO, here is how it works.

1.You find a person that you want to join here.You may even want to tell them about the referral program.

2.Get that person to join this site and make a character. Then, they do their character updates.

3.Then, after that person makes their first `In Character` post, both of you can go to your updates page and claim 300 experience

4. Repeat with as many people as you like and can find. ~

P.S. We will check to make sure the person isn't an alternate account.

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The LR Referral Program
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