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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules Empty3rd February 2018, 10:56 am

Well, every site has rules. So, this one is no different but realize this, as a member on this site, you are responsible for following these rules and the terms of service given by Forumotion. As this site's staff, we are responsible for upholding these regulations. Breaking of these rules can result in a multitude of punishments [each differing in severity depending on the staff member, the number of offenses made, and the proof given] leading up to banishment from the site. [Site rules will continually be updated as seen fit and members are always responsible for the updated rules as well.]

Forum Rules

So, leading this up is rule number one.

1.) Harassment - Sometimes hazing a new person, or belittling a mistake happens, perhaps someone missed an attack, and they got upset, or rage quit and came back. Maybe someone had a huge ego and you punctured it a little. These this can/do occur, if you want "real" talk, I am speaking about "talking shit" to someone. However there is a point where it crosses a line, a few good liners are one thing, but harassing someone, due to an action, personality etc etc for extended periods of time, or in general pushing the boundaries too far is not tolerated. Throwing around slurs, trolling or bashing someone is not acceptable, and we ask all members respect it, keep it out of the site, out of the site discord, and off of PM's and Discord Convo's.

2.) Positive Attitudes - We encourage positive attitudes, and will do our best to have them ourselves, we want to be here, and we hope you want to be here. Having a bad day, and taking it out on the site or its members is not appropriate. Aggressive talk, constant negative comments like "The site will die" or "So and so is a horrible staffer/member" is not warranted or acceptable. Please take a breather, and come back later.

3.) Uplifting Activity - Members are to be active, mainly on the site through rping with their characters. Now, we know some days you don't feel like it, and sometimes you get busy. What we do not want to see, are members sitting on the discord/chat and just laminating on what/who/where is going to happen to who/what/where and why this or that. If we start to notice that this happens, we will take away the site chat, and eventually restrict the discord chats for those are have actively made a post.

4.) Spamming, or posting multiple times in a topic one after another on a forum or in the chatbox, is frowned against. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is not, and sometimes it is plain annoying. A few moments of it is occasionally fine, when it goes on for longer than 20-30 seconds, please stop.

5.) Advertising is not allowed on the forum without the Administration's permission. The process for this includes us looking at your site and deciding whether or not it seems relevant to our site's interest. If we agree that it is, we will propose affiliation which is the only instance under which your site can be advertised on ours.

6.) Trolling - It will happen, either in a some sort of organized form, or with a campaign. We don't allow it, we ask that everyone, staff on down, respect each other.

7.) Spirit - Here at Legacies Reborn as staff we try our best to follow the spirit of rules and regulations. We won't always succeed but we will do our best, and as such sometimes things that are unreasonable, irrational or down right hurtful towards the site will be removed or told to change. We find that such things often cause more problems than effectively dealing with them, and they will be asked to be removed, or removed by force. Staff has the final say

RP Rules

1.)Posting Order and Consistency - It is important with any thread that a posting order be maintained, and it be consistent through out. Please be mindful and only post when it is your turn.

2.)Post Reads - The is another important aspect, and it is a shame to even have to bring this up. Some among the world like to be sneaky, using under handed and downright shameful posting manipulations. Posting should be above 10 font, in English, reading left to right, and top to bottom. Reversing your post, using mirror backwards posting techniques, or hiding words is not allowed. Finally, your post must have start and end point going from top to bottom. Attempting to write your post and then say "everything happened in reverse" is not allowed.

3.)Sequential Actions - If you are posting sequential actions in your post, or any actions really at all, they must follow a logical time line, what you did first, to what you did last. No trying to obscenely confuse others, by having your 5th action followed by your 3rd, then 1st, then 4th, then 2nd.

4.) No [Yes, none] Suicide. If you commit suicide, there will be punishment. No loopholing the rule either.

5.) Meta Knowledge - Using knowledge that your character does not possess. We try and build our stories from the ground up, and some people will have more experience than others due to length of time. But when starting out, your character does not possess knowledge of things, techniques, people they have never met, nor heard about. No amount of "back story" injection will compensate for that.

Furthermore, "instinctively" knowing something is going on without the proper skill, such as being in a thread, and then after that thread has started a bijuu invades another village, your character randomly deciding it would be a great time to visit, does not compute at all. However, there may be some old legacies that can help a character out in times like this.

6.)Auto Hitting/God Modding - Just don't do it, if you need a definition go look it up. Don't control other people's characters, period, EVEN if they give you permission. Obvious exceptions apply, but those are pretty rare and can be discussed with staff individually.

7.) Intervening - Intercepting another person is possible on our site, allowing you to basically interfer with their sequence of events, by doing your own. There are a few rules, the first topic is intercepting someone who is leaving a topic. It can only be done if you are already present, it cannot be done on your own entrance post, nor on your own exit post. Simply, you cannot join a thread to stop someone from exiting, nor can you exit a thread while also stopping someone from exiting.
8.) Exiting on an attack - Posting an exit, along with an attack, is not allowed. Ninja leave in smokescreens or the like, they do not hurl a javelin of lightning to run away. Posting an attack in an exit post is not allowed.

9.) Open ended posts - Ending a post or such with "forming hand-signs" "readying a counter" without indication as to what might occur, is not allowed. Forming what hand-signs? What type of chakra are you gathering? A counter to which move? Blanket stating is too open ended, and can warrant a near infinite response

10.)10 Million Tactics - Sometimes during combat, or even a social occasion, we see so many "what if's" or "just in case" that is become ridiculous. Preparing for an assault is one thing. Adding on this meta-knowledge aspect is not. Such as "If my opponent used a raiton move" "if he instead used a suiton move" or "if instead of raiton or suiton, he used Katon/Fuuton" you get the idea. Its one thing to ready yourself, its another to list of 10 things that my happen, and be ready for them all.

Chat Box Rules

The 1 and only Rule.) Listen to the Chat Moderators. Failing to cooperate will get you banned. Offenses carried out in the chatbox will not affect your participation on the forum unless situations call for it. Remember, the chatbox is a privilege.

We are glad to have you as a member and hope that you have fun while you are here.
[Staff Applications]
[Character Creation]
[Discussion Forum]

*Proof- This means to print screen offenses. This is the best proof that you can show us in order for us to make easier rulings that are the fairest.

Combat Rules

I am sure everyone knows the basics, such as no meta game, no god mod, no auto hitting and no controlling your opponents characters. Getting caught doing any of these may get your post voided, so dun even try.

Also, in some cases your opponent may be vague about something, only if necessary you can fill these gaps as long as you do not do something that completely changes what your foe did (Example: yer foe shoots a fireball at you, not saying how big it is or anything, just mentioning the jutsu. If you say that its really tiny, that's gonna get voided, but if you just describe it like it had been shown in the manga/anime, that's okay.)

Communicate with the people who are in your topic through PMs to clear any confusion.

Staff Judgement

Staff Judgement - If staff are called into a thread to review, they are to review fairly and judiciously, within the rules of the site. In governing those rules, staff will look at the entire picture, not just the post in question or the action, but the character, the players involved, the situation and the entire thread or previous threads if necessary. What we do not want to have happen is have 1 or 2 individuals always having to call in staff due to questionable practices, such things create a pattern of behavior we strive not to have. When staff is called, always expect the worse, because staff will take everything into consideration. A fresh young chicken magically knowing where the solar plexus is with no training, is a no go. Coming into a fight, and seeing every post being kill shot after kill shot after kill shot, is not what we want. We want a story, and this goes back to your character as a person, if you are out to slay as many people as possible, may I suggest Call of Duty or some game like it. If staff sees the same problems from the same members over and over again, there will be a serious discussion about that players commitment to bringing the story to life.

Claiming a Hit

Claiming a hit - This is perhaps the most controversial part of fighting, most people think you should always ask to successfully attack another person. Here is not the case, if you fail to post within 48 hours, a hit can be claimed. A hit can also be claimed if a person failed to respond to an attack, however you most notify staff of this hit claim. Staff will allow the hit, provided it wasn't fatal. If it was a fatal hit (accordingly to the power rating) staff will PM the member and said they have gotten hit, and have an additional 24 hours to respond with severe damage "life threatening" damage, if they fail the hit is successful and the person is killed.

You cannot claim a hit when it is not your turn, so if Person A fails to respond to an attack, and you are Person C, you cannot jump ahead and claim the hit before Person B posts.

Finally, the damage dealt is as should be described and never exaggerated, if it is, the attack will turn to a glancing blow because you should know better. If it was a simple strike, or a basic weapon used, staff has the right to interject and take a look, we don't want that Kunai you threw at your opponents arm to suddenly be at their head.

"Vague Manipulation"

Vague Manipulation - Vague Manipulation is allowed, so long as it does not fall under controlling another character or their actions. This includes making a character do something, for example, a player walks on ice, you cannot vague manipulate that to say they slipped and fell. A ninja holds a kunai, cannot say that they are holding it the wrong way and cut up their hand. One can use it to say how things happen in relation to a character, such as Naruto lefts the shuriken fly from his hand, one could say "from his left hand", but one couldn't say, "from his left hand to his face, killing him" or "from his left hand the shuriken dropped to the ground with no force behind it".

Editing and Place Holders

Editing - Editing post is allowed up until someone posts after that, any time after that and the post is automatically void, even for misspellings. You may also only edit up to 48 hours after you post. Finally, you may not edit in attacks or hit claims into your post, period, regardless of who agreed or disagreed.

Place Holder Posts or "anti editing posts" - You can post a place holder, however it does not stop someone from editing, you can quote if you like as well, until the next person makes their post, editing is allowed. If it is not your turn to post, do not put place holders.

"Death by Paper Cut"
"Timely Deaths" - These are deaths that do not occur outright, so don't act as if they do. Drowning, burning, being poisoned, bleeding out, unless clearly stating happens in under 4 posts, takes 4 post to kill someone. There is some wiggle room on most, but never drowning, it always takes 4 posts to happen.

Site Rules Neko_by_chubbzeh-d9lxxpn


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Nike the Magnus

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PostSubject: Re: Site Rules   Site Rules Empty3rd February 2018, 10:57 am

~Death and Possession Rule~
~A Detailed Explanation~

During Battles and encounters, Ninja's fight and some lose, and death overcomes them. Often times, tools, weapons, unique things and even money are left on there body. This is an explanation of what to expect and guide to show you what happens when you not only die, but if you happen to kill someone.

Looting is when you take things off a dead body. You may be wondering, what type of things you can take from the body. Well first and foremost is money, any and all money a person had is consider on them at all times. For some this may seem a little unreasonable, as large amounts of money are hard to carry. Well, in order to appease people, every ninja has a ~ryu scroll~ a scroll that holds all there money. Thus, all the money a ninja has, is carried on them.

Second, items, weapons and tools are all on there person, from summoning contracts too rare weapons to custom gear, its all on them. Scrolls and such are on them as well.

Finally, as ninja you may be wondering just how safe guard your belongings. We will detail that a little later. But note, we frown upon people taking supreme steps to vanguard there belongings with elaborate measures to ensure no one can take them. Part of life is death, and part of death is gaining loot, please be respectful of that process.

~Death Waits for No Man~
Upon death, a small counter begins. Members have one week in which to stake claim to a body. Should Members not claim loot within one week, the body starts too rot and after one week, such claims can not be met. *Claiming involves simple that, staking claim to such body*

~But wait, I'm not here~
Sometimes ninja go inactive, they just up and leave the village. What happens if they hold a important contract, or rare unique items. Well usually such things are turned over by the admins, and if said ninja return, they are either given back or not depending on the length of time. But this isn't about that. This is about what to do with inactive ninja.

Site rules dictate a ninja is considered inactive after two weeks, starting from his/her last IC post. Meaning for roughly two weeks they can be fair game. There are only two exceptions to this clause. Combat threads, if a ninja goes inactive during a combat thread, the two week rule is suspended. Traveling Rule, should a ninja exit a place, and go inactive. There character is then susceptible too being intercepted for up too 3 weeks (2 weeks + 1 week (traveling) = 3 weeks) This is to ensure things like, stealing or robbing that occur have proper time to regain goods.

These are the two exceptions to the Inactive Death rule, with one final caviot on dealing with thieves and robberies. Ninja are not vikings, and as such raiding places for loot and goods is considered a crime, an affront to all villages (Including there own). Should these raiders steal people or such, they have 5 days in which to properly restrain and secure the belongings, otherwise there victims will be able to escape, and ill gotten gains lost. An example to clarify.

If Tiny Tim is in Takigakure and hasn't posted for 12 days, Rainork The Mighty comes and steals him for horrible unmentionable things. Rainork has exactly 5 days to secure Tiny Tim, otherwise Tiny Tim escapes and is on the lamb (And also consider inactive and untouchable). Such as, Rainork the Mighty posts in 8 days, being lazy as he is known to be. He has lost Tiny Tim and any valuables he may have gotten. This is to prevent inactive abuse and inactive loopholes.

~Secure the Lines~
So you wish to secure your belongings, there is only one way. The Bank, yes each village now has a bank (upgrades pending). In which it stores its money and its ninja's items. The bank is secure, meaning unless the village is attacked and banked robbed, your money is safe (Items can be stored in the bank, but that is explained later, you can't store items in the bank and also use them, its either in the bank or not)

So your money is safe in the bank, maybe a few items. What happens if you die or go inactive? Oh that's simple, everyone who wishes to put things in the bank fills out a little form, on it states "Upon Death/Inactive" your belongings go too. If you don't fill it out, the Kage automatically gets it and decides what to do with it. If you do fill it out, that person is informed and they get it. (Like a will) If you fill it out, and that person happens to be dead/inactive themselves, the Kage gets it. If there is no Kage, ANBU Commander, and it goes down the line for high ranking officials. If you are a missing ninja or go missing and don't clean out your bank, guess what, the Kage takes it.

Finally, there is one last thing to know.

Plot items, rare legendary items, and significant items always find a way out, meaning they always come back to the fold. Such items are a privilege, not a right. They are a benefit and reward, not a entitlement. Staff will use them at there digression, and allow you to have them at there digression. If you think to try and loophole or bs a way around these things, staff will simple pluck them from you, or you will just forget where you put it one day. Please respect these items, there for the benefit of the site, not your personal play things.

Site Rules Neko_by_chubbzeh-d9lxxpn


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