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 How best to approach a Death Rule?

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Yang Jotetsu

Yang Jotetsu

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PostSubject: How best to approach a Death Rule?   17th January 2018, 11:40 am

So i actually started to post this on 3 different thread but decided to just bring this all to fruition in one.

I think that the best way to approach this would have to be on a case by case basis but that there is 2 rules that would have to be put in place in order for it to flow more efficiently.

1: In character Reasoning and this is where the case by case basis comes in. I understand that we don't want people copping out and getting out of what should of been and instant death because "Applications are hard." but we also don't want to see someone's hard work destroyed because they took a kunai to the eye randomly while jogging down the street. Loose the eye yea but you can live with 1 eye hell you can live with no eyes just ask a couple of Uchiha brothers.... bad joke, sorry.

The other side of this though is....

2:You have to reply to all attack in the rotation that you enter on. Just because you enter of someone else's post doesn't make you immune to their attacks.

The spoilers are the original posts i deleted from the other thread because they make more sense in this thread since they are directly related to this issue.
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Tang Hao

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PostSubject: Re: How best to approach a Death Rule?   17th January 2018, 4:09 pm

For the first point, babying people will never allow them to improve. Genin have historically been stupidly powerful on this forum and could easily kill a jounin level ninja should the genin be more skilled. Letting people live through illogical events is a great way to start bias ruling and completely undermine the precedence for combat arguments.

For the second point, that's how combat roleplay works already lmao. If you enter a thread and run into an attack or into the range of a hypothetical action dependent on someone getting in range, then you get hit. It's happened tens of times on this forum and it will probably happen again. There's no reason to make a separate rule for it because its common sense.



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Yang Jotetsu

Yang Jotetsu

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PostSubject: How best to approach a Death Rule?   17th January 2018, 5:35 pm

I see the point in the first part but on the second you know as well as I do common sense ain’t common and taking the 2 seconds to make it an official rule would be a much quicker and more efficient way to shut down some of the arguments I’ve seen pop up in the past.

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PostSubject: Re: How best to approach a Death Rule?   

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How best to approach a Death Rule?
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