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 Information On Summons and there Abilities

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Information On Summons and there Abilities YiM50Vl
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PostSubject: Information On Summons and there Abilities   Information On Summons and there Abilities Empty4th November 2013, 11:24 am

A Lyon wrote:


The rank of a Kuchiyose summon is determined by a couple of things:

-It's size, It is quite obvious that a larger creature will take more chakra to summon. If you want a huge (Gamabunta sized) Kuchiyose, you should take it's size in consideration when ranking it for a approval.

-It's abilities. Yes, abilities...even tho we're not allowing D-ranked Gamabuntas around, the summon's abilities are quite important...way more important than size. For example, if you summon a 20 meters high rock that can't move...it wouldn't very useful, would it? On the other hand, if you have summon an ant that can bring back the dead...well let's see...which one should be higher ranked huh? I know you get the point here...Hint: the ant! o.O
Please, do use your common sense when ranking a summon...also, get creative. Not everybody needs to call gigantic creatures to aid in battle o.o'

Summons that come with abnormal abilities, such as super almost unrealistic hearing, tropopause style flight, resisting magma or heavily armored will have to be taken into account. At times, these abilities are in par with the summon, a bat using echolocation and can fly. But a mole that digs lava tunnels and is fine swimming in lava, most likely won't have any jutsu's to use, because of such an ability. Same with summons that are heavily armored and defensive

Weapons/Armor on summons needs to be purchased for them, regardless of what canon has shown. Summons don't come with weapons and weapon abilities, they need to be purchased.

Summoning contracts process one element, they are not advance elements, nor are they dual bloodline style elements (Like a summon that's a thunderlizard, for earth and lightning)

Summon Combat Styles

  • D-Rank = 2 Basics
  • C-Rank = 4 Basics
  • B-Rank = 5 Basics
  • A-Rank = 6 Basics
  • S-Rank = 7 Basics

Summon Chakra Capacity

  • D-Rank = 0 S

  • C-Rank = 1 S

  • B-Rank = 2 S

  • A-Rank = 3 S

  • S-Rank = 4 S

Summon Duration Period

  • D-Rank = 9 Posts
  • C-Rank = 12 Posts
  • B-Rank = 15 Posts
  • A-Rank = 17 Posts
  • S-Rank = 20 Posts

So, now that we're aware of this. Let's check on their jutsu system. You should be aware that a summoned creature may use collaboration jutsus alongside it's summoner. These jutsus will usually be quite strong and have a relatively high rank..but hey, here's your chance to get creative again!

Every summon begins with a certain amount of jutsus, which can be custom or canon (If custom, make sure to register them and provide a link to their approval). The amount of jutsus your summon starts with will decrease as it's rank rises, but a higher ranked summon will have more powerful jutsus.

The cost for purchasing jutsu's for your summon are double the amount cost for that rank
You must purchase the jutsu for each of your summons, not once for all of them, but each one individually. This includes things like Pack summons, or multiple strung summons.
D-ranked summons begin with 6 jutsus, up to D-rank. May be custom, canon, whatever you guys want.

C-ranked, 5 jutsus up to C. Same as above.

B-ranked, 3 jutsus up to B-rank or below

A-ranked 2 jutsus up to A-rank or below

S-ranked 1 jutsu up to S-rank or below

Information On Summons and there Abilities Neko_by_chubbzeh-d9lxxpn


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Information On Summons and there Abilities
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