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 Plot - Chapter One - The Start

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PostSubject: Plot - Chapter One - The Start   14th June 2012, 2:18 pm

They have fallen from the sky...

A few days ago, a old man had seen something quite strange, something that he could not believe, so he sent a request to every hidden village, hoping how they could solve the mystery of what he had seen. For a moment he thought that he was dreaming things, as what he saw was quite amazing and totally unexpected. In fact, some people would think how he was probably on drugs or drunk to be seeing things like that. Of course, considering the fact that he spent his whole life as a non-alcoholic and not even a smoker, that was kinda hard to believe that someone his age would suddenly start to take drugs. This old man was a respected scientist and a world famous artist, he even managed to draw some of the images that appeared before him. So yeah, what he saw and showed people was not to be mistaken as a part of someones imagination.

What did he see?

Well, according to his initial testimony, this old geezer saw a rain of gold hitting the nations between the ruins of the Land of Earth and the Land of Fire. From the skies golden artifacts were summoned and sent to hide into these rather small nations where only the bravest would venture. He didn't quite see what artifacts were there, as they were all in golden boxes, just like one could except from powerful and ancient artifacts. Now the minor nations are in possession of weapons that were meant to be lost forever and the person who did such a thing was still a mystery, but it had to be someone very knowledgeable. Finding all of the rare artifacts of the world and then spreading them out with some sort of a summoning technique required knowledge and skill.

We can not allow these news to spread!!!

After they were informed of these findings, the daimyo of the Four Great Nations were mad, they knew that they to do something about this before anyone else found out. Of course, by the time they got the news a couple of days had passed, so there was a high possibility of someone already finding these artifacts. If that happened, the smaller nations would get enough power to face one of the great four. Naturally, that was not acceptable, none of the daimyo could allow for their village to fall and become a minor nation, since then their income would be lowered as well. Despite the fact that they could all just prepare armies and just march into these nations in order to gain what they wanted to, each of the Four Great daimyo decided to organize cover operations on their own, telling the other daimyo that they will do nothing and just wait to see if the rumors of these items were true as they didn't even know what these gold coffins contained. So once more the Great Four were divided.


Now, each of the daimyo had made a set of missions for every member of their village who wants to go on an adventure. For someone to take these missions, they are required to form groups of two or three shinobi and venture into other lands on a treasure hunt. But nobody knows what awaits them there.

Obtainable Artifacts:

- The 7 swords
- Sword of Kusanagi
- Scrolls of Rare Jutsus
- Stones of Gele
- other interesting stuffl

Note: The Kage will get the information on these missions and such when the staff decides what is going to be released first.

Those who wish to RP as some NPC, PM one of the Staff members and they will bring it up in the staff area, where you will be given a role.
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Plot - Chapter One - The Start
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