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 Stuff I do when I'm Bored

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Zancrow Miyazaki


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PostSubject: Stuff I do when I'm Bored   17th April 2013, 7:44 pm


Was supposed to be Zancrow. Don't mind the scratches on the face my friend decided to be an idiot[flash][/flash]

[17:23:24] Arisa Yamanaka : You talked bad on the gays yet you chose sasuke uchiha as your account name 0_0

[21:08:41] @ KidBushido : Dem walls were destroyed faster than Shaq's wife on their honeymoon. HI-OOOOOHHHH!

[16:16:25] @ Lord General Taiho Seiker : I do enjoy my big titted po- I mean no I don't ._.

[16:36:32] Astral : Sad Zan why do you have to be so right