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 نصائح طبية غريبة ومضحكة..!!

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PostSubject: Re: نصائح طبية غريبة ومضحكة..!!   26th July 2012, 11:02 pm

-> enter Yui ->

A slight chuckle tried to maintain a standard of subtlety as it slithered in the black far behind the two greeted Genin. Yui knew Kenept to be the playful, easy-going type of kid. As the mysterious stranger approached, he bore dramatic phrasings and an invasive pose that surely intimidated those more faint of will. It seemed justly comical to the snooping girl that Kenept found himself bombarded with such a commanding presence when he anticipated a simple stroll. A warranted chuckle was afforded, though Yui hoped she hadn't given herself away.

Oh yes, she had been there quite a while, spying from the unseen as usual. Twas her nature to watch and listen. It would be unfortunate for her if she became an article in this meeting. She felt comfortable right were she crept: out of the way, intaking the tales of another, and leaving continent with simple satisfactions of reality's entertainment. This stranger met said satisfactions, his dominating vibe and inquisitive mindset urging the young hidden girl to watch further. Obscured by the nearby darkness, Yui minded the scene as it progressed....

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Spy Guy Kai

Spy Guy Kai

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PostSubject: Wind Ignittes a Fire   23rd March 2013, 2:05 pm

Dan makes his way through the Leviathan's Oasis once more. He was heading home.
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نصائح طبية غريبة ومضحكة..!!
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