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 موضوع متكامل لكل طقوس كنيستنا القبطية

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Don Pluto™

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PostSubject: Re: موضوع متكامل لكل طقوس كنيستنا القبطية   19th July 2012, 10:03 am

The team had begun to gather and no sooner than Izanagi's set foot in Kusagakure did Tsuneo made an appearance. The man was supposed to have been a shadow on this mission so why appear now? Izanagi was certain that his questions would be answered slowly but surely no doubt. As Tsuneo began to speak, Izanagi released the Henge jutsu and returned to his usual form. The Shinobi saw no reason to keep up the fact, and as such, he was back to his old fox grinning, white haired, crimson eyed self. The Jounin began to look around at his Genins that came with him, and it was quite clear that most of them weren't happy. It was highly probable that they were all disappointed that they didn't get an opportunity to go through with the mission. However, the Jounin figured that the exams itself will cheer them up a little once they return to Sunagakure. The Jounin sighed a little as his team left him behind, making the decision to have them cool off a little. Izanagi wanted to give them a bit of space, and he was pretty certain that Blake's sensory abilities would guide them back home again. There he was all along with Tsuneo for the moment, wondering what their next move will be. Izanagi himself was somewhat disappointed that he didn't get to seek out the gold spotting crazy bastard. The Jounin soon raised his hand to the back of his head gently scratching away as if it was itching. In reality, Izanagi was already contemplating his next move, and that's when the man turned to face the mountain paths wondering if he too should take off already. His team of Genins were already ahead, well they had already evacuated the area that Tsuneo and Izanagi was standing in. There wasn't yet any sign of trouble, Izanagi couldn't sniff anything out, at least not yet. The Shinobi seemed to be staring out into space, his eyes seemingly staring in the direction of the mountain path.

Izanagi's hand soon dropped to his side as he stood there, his feet now gently tapping against the grassy plain. The man seemed conflicted, it was time to make a decision and it was just about time to tell Tsuneo what his plan was. However, before such a thing could come to pass, Izanagi sensed a disturbance, call it intuition, but the Shinobi saw something suspicious flew into the air in the direction that he was staring in. That little something soon began to multiply, now seemingly heading for Izanagi and Tsuneo. There was a particular charge or glow that came from these instruments that were either a bunch of Kunai, Senbons or arrows. "Tsuneo". The Jounin beckoned in order to alert his fellow Shinobi to the incoming danger. Meanwhile the gourd on Izanagi's back popped opened at the top swiftly releasing the crystal sand that was stored inside in large amounts as it come to positioned itself in front of Izanagi in order to intercept the swiftly approaching deadly needle things. It was the Jounin's chakra that called forth the sand that would act as a protective make shift dome for the man. By now enough sand had poured out, compacting itself as the wind came racing through the area. It was apparent that this strong wind which forced Izanagi into action was carrying the arrows. The sand had formed a sturdy shield, protecting Izanagi and Tsuneo should he seek cover. The Haton sand provided cover from the sides, and above. The shield of sand would make sure that none of the falling instruments pierced through Izanagi and Tsuneo from above, much less from the sides. In layman's terms, enough sand had poured out and compacted itself to prevent penetration.

The instruments of death that came down from above had lost a great deal of their potency. Izanagi had taken note of the charge or glow that surrounded the tools of death that was aimed at the two. The man suspected it to of the Raiton element, but the enemy must have made one grave miscalculation. Since the strong gust of wind that came through defeated the tools of death that came raining down. Fuuton is and will always be Raiton's greatest enemy. And mixing the two together made for a foolish combination. Izanagi had began to wonder if this combination had worked before. It became apparent what the tools of death actually were. It was a whole bunch of arrows that crashed into his sixteen inches thick sand shield. In a sense, it was like a cascading wave of sand crashing down on Izanagi and Tsuneo. Except it worked in their favor being suspended in place to protect the two Shinobi. A portion of the deadly arrows collided with the sand that was protecting the Suna Shinobi. The electrical charge didn't completely vanish, it was only dampened, which caused the arrows to dig within nine inches of the crystal sand. Again, Tsuneo's protection was circumstantial, since it would be based on his own course of action. The wind had finally subsided and the arrows stopped raining down and came to a stop. Izanagi in the mean time had a portion of his crystal sand mingle with the earth beneath his feet, constantly breaking down the minerals in the earth and converting it. What was the Shinobi planning? "Strange. If I were a betting man, I would wager that the wind element was suppose to make those arrows far more potent, than just using the Raiton element would. However, the enemy chose the wrong combination, hence why my defense haven't yet been penetrated for the most part. The wind actually canceled out the capabilities of the lightning that was flowing through the arrows". The man thought as the sand shifted, flinging the arrows away that was stuck in the sand shield. Izanagi now knew what direction the enemy was positioned in, that was assuming they haven't moved much. The distance that the arrows came from was over a hundred and fifty meters away too. The attack was unprovoked which made Izanagi all the more suspicious too. The enemy seemed to be hiding like a bunch of cowards, actually they weren't. Izanagi could see two figures out in the distance, the two approaching swiftly, but were they the only ones?

The Jounin wasn't about to start taking any chances with this lot. Looking around, the field was littered with arrows, a fact that was starting to make Izanagi somewhat nervous. The Shinobi now hidden behind the sand for the most part, with his eyes peering out to survey the area formed a hand seal. In that moment manifesting an imitation to his likeness, blessed with the capabilities of the abyssal ones that entered a state of blooming orchid in this grassy field. The two figures heading towards Izanagi and Tsuneo seemed to be running side by side, no more than three feet apart from one another, even more so closing the gap to about fifty meters now considering they didn't stop moving or wasn't stated to have done so. The being of replication made progress in these green pastures of Kusagakure, stepping from behind the sand shield now watching as both men approached swiftly. Thoughts of vanishing and appearing in between both men in the blink of an eye and performing a clothesline from hell on both raced through the mind of the Shinobi. But to do such a thing would require a great deal of speed, blinding speed capable of surprising the enemy. These thoughts gave birth to reasoning that was put into practice. Izanagi glanced back at Tsuneo, wondering if his fellow Ninja will be able to provide support for him in the mean time, while he conjured a few plans. The enemy was dangerous, and so before making substantial movements, Izanagi will have to further deduce the capabilities of the enemy. Hopefully they don't spam those damn arrows.

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until monday. i'll be gone.
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PostSubject: Re: موضوع متكامل لكل طقوس كنيستنا القبطية   2nd March 2013, 7:39 am

KCya Peace.
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PostSubject: Re: موضوع متكامل لكل طقوس كنيستنا القبطية   2nd March 2013, 12:44 pm

Have a good time


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PostSubject: Re: موضوع متكامل لكل طقوس كنيستنا القبطية   

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موضوع متكامل لكل طقوس كنيستنا القبطية
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