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 اول معجزة للشهيد ابانوب كمال

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PostSubject: Re: اول معجزة للشهيد ابانوب كمال   17th July 2012, 12:52 am

Rina wasn't sure how she felt as she stood staring at the mirror, the blood that covered the tag was very interesting indeed . “I like it,” she muttered slightly crossing her arms over her chest slowly allowing her emerald eyes one more sweep of the land around here. Ahh it was going to be a rough day wasn't it? Tugging the tag free the little five foot girl hopped away from it, she didn't want to be to close when what ever the hell was sealed inside came out.

“Let the games begin.” She growled softly her hand on her fan.
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PostSubject: The Birth of Kotonashi   19th February 2013, 12:53 pm

Having left the hospital now, Kotonashi walked through Sunagakure taking in his surroundings. This village was entirely new to him, but looking at the way everyone here was dressed showed just how out of place he was. His focus shifted from finding the Kazekage to finding a new outfit. Kotonashi had his own style and what he was currently wearing was disgusting. The green flak jacket didn't suit him because it seemed too....personal. Kotonashi was not personal. He was nothing. Just an empty shell of what a person should and could be and so his style should reflect that. He walked into a clothing store and when he emerged he looked like a new person. He now wore a full black one piece outfit and a grey trench coat. A black belt at the waist kept everything nice and tight to prevent anything from getting in the way during a fight. On his back his large fan rested. His hair had grown much longer during his slumber and so he went into a salon to get it fixed up. Upon exiting the salon he had changed his mind and decided to keep the long hair, but change the color from white to blonde. His transformation was now nearly complete. Kyoushiro was no longer alive and now he couldn't even be found. Kotonashi was the one in charge now. The wind blew his blonde locks and tench coat harshly as he continued to make his way through Sunagakure and renewed his search for the Kazakage. He asked other shinobi as he passed them and they reluctantly responded giving him little information, but hopefully moving him in the right direction. He had no idea what he was going to say to the man for bringing him to life, but he wanted to meet the man who was responsible for it.

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اول معجزة للشهيد ابانوب كمال
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