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 شرائط ابونا موسى ذو الصوت الروحانى

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PostSubject: Re: شرائط ابونا موسى ذو الصوت الروحانى   9th July 2012, 11:28 pm

So, just in case no one knows, we have decided to end Both of these bonuses.

None of these are eligible anymore.

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PostSubject: Dragon N**** W.I.P   13th January 2013, 11:57 pm

Name: (This is where you put the name of the contract, not the summon. Gamabuta is not a Contract, it is a summon.)
Species: (To what species do the members of this contract belong? Mammals? Reptiles? Birds?)
Sub-Species: (Which is the Sub-Species of your contract? Dogs? Wolves? Toads? Snakes?)

Type: (Pick one of the following types: Pack Summon (you summon a couple of weaker summons as if it was a single summon, like the Ninken Contract owned by Kakashi), Relic Summon (summons of this types are not animals, they are old statues or relics.), Ancient Summon (basically, you summon ancient creatures like Dinosaurs), Remote Summon (you summon different kinds of animals to you, like the Toad Summon, or anything else that does not fall in any other category))
Contract elements: (What are the elements of your contract? Only 1 for starters, you can purchase additional ones via exp)

Summoning Process: (How do you summon your summons? Do you use some sort of a ritual, or do you just form the hand seals and call them out?)

List of summons:
  • here you just list the names of your summons
  • you can have more than three of them
  • though, add the names only after the summon itself was approved
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شرائط ابونا موسى ذو الصوت الروحانى
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