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 8 شرائط لعادل ماهر

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Tashiro Yuki

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PostSubject: 1st Top Genin Tournament [Open to Kirigakure]{Flashback}   15th June 2012, 3:50 pm

“The first virtue in a soldier is endurance of fatigue; courage is only the second virtue.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte


Kirigakure Battle Arena
Water Country


The morning of the tournament a couple of rain clouds hovered over Kirigakure. However, The tournament wasn't planned into the afternoon giving the sun in the Water Country time to dry up the water that plagued the Battle Arena. The Battle Arena was a large cylindrical coliseum that possessed three different floors. The first floor didn't start until it was twenty meters from the ground floor. It was set high to protect them from danger. The second floor was special since it had secluded bacony for the Mizukage, Village Leaders, and other Kages if they visited. Only the Jounin was allowed up in the balcony unless stated otherwise by the Mizukage. The third floor was high in the sky giving a great view of the fights.

The wet field had green grass that went up to about the top of the ankle. In about four spots of the arena, large puddles around five meters in diameter could be seen on the field. Other than that the field was simple forcing the shibobis to use everything in their arsenal to win.The entire actual fighting field of the arena was a seventy-five meter diameter giving the entire crowd a 360* degree angle of the fight. It was hard to get a bad seat in the coliseum.

The roar of the crowd begun to echo inside of the coliseum. It was almost time for the first fight of the tournament between the two Uchiha boys. Throughout the crowd were masked ANBU members. There were ten all together. Three on the first floor. Three on the third floor. Four on the second floor since the Mizukage balcony needed extra protection. There was no need to get complacent because a tournament was underway.

Tashiro stepped out into the arena with a cherry lolipop in the corner of his mouth. It was finally the big day he had been putting together. It was a lot of responsibility for a Tokujou to put together an event for the entire village. He just hoped that all of the Genin brought their A game today. This tournament would be the toughest that any of the Genin every experienced. Each winner was going to have to fight twice in one day to figure out the Top Genin of Kirigakure. It was suppose to force the Genin on how to preserve their Charka and push them to the limit. Plus it would show who really had the toughest to claim that title of Top Genin.

Covering his upper body was a black extra long sleeve shirt that hung over his hands making them tough to see with casting hand signs. On his back was a large Yuki clan symbol that was outline in blue and shaded in white. He wanted everyone in the village to know he belong to the great Yuki Clan. A pair of black baggy pants with blue and white stripes hung over the top of his tabi boots. Around his waist was a blue rope belt that kept his katana on his left hip. Along his right hip hung his Kirigakure head protector. His silky long black hair was up in a ponytail keeping any loose strains from his face. He was going to need to pay close attention to the fights since he was supervising them.

The sun beamed down on his face as he stood in the middle of the arena with a smile on his face. All his planning had paid out. It was time to start the arena. Loud fireworks echoed inside of the Arena while the names of Delva Uchiha & Takumi Uchiha appeared on the battle arena board. He slipped both of his hands in his pockets waiting for the two clan members to meet in the middle of the Arena to instruct them on how things will play out.

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PostSubject: Passing Through~   29th September 2012, 9:23 am

As always, it was raining in the Land of - the suitably named - Rain. The intense downpour made it harder to hear above the battering of water from above. To minimize his soaked state as much as possible Tsuneo sped from the cover of tree to tree on the very outskirts of Amegakure, carefully using the wide trunks to aid in his camouflage. He half wondered what would become of the village, having suffered a dreadful tragedy, and if they had managed to recover yet. Though he highly doubted it; such wide spread destruction would wreak havoc upon the human want for revenge, he wouldn't wish such a thing for any village. Head down and sights set, Tsuneo headed back home.

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PostSubject: Re: 8 شرائط لعادل ماهر   11th December 2012, 2:46 am

Envy found herself walking in a rather rainy climate now having left the heated sands of the Land of Wind. Weird how each nation seemed to have it's own tailored weather setting. If ever one was unsure of if they were in the same country, just check the weather and should it be drastically different than probably not. She noticed there was a village near in this area, however her eyes would show no sign of life behind it's walls. Scary she though, but she had no desire to check abandoned places any longer. She would continue past this village, not giving it much of a second glance and unknowingly depriving herself of some left about treats. She would just keep walking, looking for a more lively place to linger around.

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PostSubject: Re: 8 شرائط لعادل ماهر   

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8 شرائط لعادل ماهر
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