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 Arc II: The Awaken Tigers

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Kuusho Senju

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PostSubject: Arc II: The Awaken Tigers   9th September 2012, 1:39 pm

「Arc II: Awakening Tigers」

Earth. The only known planet that is able to sustain human life. Long before shinobi, the earth and it’s humans inside it, were blessed by living prosperous lives, that was filled with love and peace. There was no such thing as power, therefore there was no such being that would thrive to attain it. And with this, the world was for once in a state of tranquility; more commonly known as true peace. That is, until the legendary Rikudo Sennin founded the arts of Ninjutsu and Chakra control, thus creating what we all know today as the Shinobi world. This newly founded chakra, settled itself into beings who showed an extreme amount of potential. They existed long before we, and will continue to exist until the end of time. But, how did they achieve this goal? There were those who were born with raw talent, those who had to push through the hard times, and work up to that almost seemingly impossible goal, and sadly, those who stole that power and misused it for their own selfish needs. The Samurai were ones that were not able to use chakra, and showed no sign of any Element they were able to manipulate. And because of that disability, they were shunned, ignored, and mistreated by the rest of the Shinobi world because of it. If only Shinobi had known what they were doing. If only they knew that they were only man, and that man could only take so much, before they broke. They were so broken, that they fell deeper, and deeper into the pit of despair. Now, their vast armies have had enough. They march towards the Konohagakure No Sato, Kirigakure No Sato,, Sunagakure No Sato, and Kumogakure No Sato, with a blood-lust to kill any innocent being, to kill any shinobi that doubted them once, to kill every last shinobi there is on the earth. Such anger do they have, which binds them far, far away from the true meaning of peace. Did fate plan the terrible upcoming events for the Shinobi Villages? What was once an ordinary day, turned into a day of darkness, with the smell of decomposing bodies, and the taste of blood in the air. Now, these five Shinobi Nations must abruptly find a solution to ward off these ruthless Samurai, and make sure that such events do not repeat itself. That is, if, they are able to overcome the events present. What once was a world of peace, is slowly fading away deep into the pits of nothingness.
Arc Not Completed

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PostSubject: Re: Arc II: The Awaken Tigers   9th September 2012, 1:41 pm

She has my permission btw.

Her intro is awesome. It serves as a good back-story into this samurai thing.
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Arc II: The Awaken Tigers
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