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 ما هي صفات الخادم؟؟

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PostSubject: Re: ما هي صفات الخادم؟؟   7th June 2012, 2:03 pm

Enter,Yen'maru Inuzuka. Suna's usual climate was not really auspicious for Yen's current chore, which was taking Kurimaru for a walk. The sun overhead gleamed upon the boy with all of its might. A bead of sweat dripped into the crevice of his eye causing a slight burning sensation as he continued to walk the hot desert. Kurimaru, apparently didn't mind the heat at all, he barked excitedly as he ran circles around Yen who simply smirked at the dogs youthful energy. Pausing for a second Yen bent down to pet his companion. Kurimaru who loved affection jumped up and began licked Yen's face and doing his signature headbutt against Yen's nose. Of course Yen's glasses were but a meaningless obstacle to the easily excitable pup, who managed to not only knock them off his face, but had managed to get his dog slobber all over the lens. Yen grabbed his glasses from the ground with one hand while with the other he grabbed his furry friends face and pushed him over, this of course was a purely playful act. Yen loved his pup, he was his best friend after all.

Yen then got up from his previous position and started to head to the Kazekages office where he would check the mission board to see if anything new had been posted. Kurimaru had quickly rebounded from the playful push and was more eager to play than before, He nibbled on Yen's pants legs as they walked, pulling them as if he were trying to expose Yen's underwear. Yen walked with his head down and his glasses in his hand as he cleaned them on his shirt, though maybe he shouldn't have tried to multitask seeing as there was another young boy on his way to the Kage's office, and you know what happens when two people going to the same destination aren't paying attention. Just like that the collision happened, Yen violently bumped into the boy who now with his glasses on could see as clear as day. Kurimaru, startled began to bark furiously while jumping up in down like a little maniac. Yen quickly reacted. "Kureem, Hush!" Yen looked to the boy who seemed to have a very 'passionate' to say the least. "My bad bro, I didn't have my glasses on so I didn't really see you there. Anyways, my names Yen, pointing to his dog as he continued to introduce himself "this here's Kurimaru" Kurimaru snarled a little bit which caused Yen to give him a 'tap' with his foot, effectively shutting him up though he gave Yen a look of frustration(>.>) Hopefully the other kid would accept his apology and they could move from there, Yen was in a good mood and he hadn't wanted to fight today. But you know, Suna's heat can turn even Konoha's Monks violent.
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PostSubject: Site History   5th August 2012, 10:22 am


Surprisingly, this war led to a time of peace, that lasted for one hundred years.
Now, twenty more years ahead

Those are the only two references to time, we have people saying there grandfather was Sasuke, which is totally possible.

I might not have been here for this, but I know ODa always tells me its never too late to correct a mistake.

So why are we denying it, when its possible. Honestly, I think we should subtly change it and say we are a few hundred years ahead instead of 120. I know both Marcus and I wanted AU, but we must deal with the cards we are dealt with. But I think its wrong to deny people logical things when we just don't want canons. If we don't want canonical references, we should take that all out and say we are too far ahead to even remember things like that, so no one would know heritage and such. I personally don't want people related to Naruto or Sasuke, that whole concept is utterly ridiculous


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PostSubject: Re: ما هي صفات الخادم؟؟   6th August 2012, 9:44 pm

Well then, go ahead. I really don't care how far in the future we are. The only reason that I initially refrained from too far was so that the technological change couldn't be reasoned.

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PostSubject: Re: ما هي صفات الخادم؟؟   

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ما هي صفات الخادم؟؟
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