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 العلاقة بين الطقس والعقيدة

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Nike the Magnus

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PostSubject: Gate One Entrance   4th August 2012, 8:42 am

All users entering gate one
Once your team has posted here, you may enter




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PostSubject: Re: العلاقة بين الطقس والعقيدة   4th August 2012, 6:18 pm

The whole setup was weird, flags, mind round etc. The whole concept just seemed a bit confusing but somehow Amemaru had managed to get through with the correct flag attached to himself and was now about to lead his team into the second round of the exams. Tashiro had appointed him the leader of the three man team seeing as he won both fights. Something which Amemaru did not exactly mind seeing as the leadership role was one of the roles he liked the best. As he headed towards the gate he weighed his options, considering different strategies and how they might best secure their victory in the second round. With the various strengths and specialties of the members of team Tashiro their main strength probably rested within their ability to adapt to the situation at hand. A battle could be conducted just as easily at close range as it would at long range without having the power of the team hampered in any way. However seeing as Amemaru had yet to meet his opponents for the next round there was no reason to get cocky. After all it would be if nothing else a bitter taste if they were to come this far only to lose. Amemaru would wait for his team mates to arrive before entering the gate.

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Marcel Octavian Augustus

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PostSubject: Re: العلاقة بين الطقس والعقيدة   6th August 2012, 2:54 am

Gate One; Katon

René walked away from his hotel room is the great Sunagakure towards the next round of the Chuunin Exams. The things that happened next went rather quickly and sooner than later; he found himself in front of the Katon Gate with Ame next to him. Their Sensei began to speak some nonsense about Ame winning both matches. Ren simply let out a chuckle before waiting for their Sensei to flicker away. The young man wasn’t wearing his breathing mask this time around but he did have it attached to his belt awaiting use. “Well, I hope to God Sensei knows that technically you won one match and the Illusion won the other. Yet, I understand the choice. I don’t speak much anyway.” Ren spoke as he placed his hands in his pockets and began to walk towards the gate.

This was the first time that anyone actually heard him speak, that wasn’t an illusion anyway. The tone of his voice could be described as kind of girly but it did have a kind of low depth to it. He stopped in front of the gate and awaited the signal to start from the Famous Kazekage. Whether that would happen anytime soon was unknown to him. Yet, He knew that he would have to work together with Ame for them to make it out of this with everything needed to pass. The Flag with René Hyuuga hung from the pole of his back as the as a Katon Elemental flag. Now, that they were set. He would just have to wait for Ame to signal their entrance into the Round Two fighting zone.

Ren looked from Ame to the gate and back again. He was taking an awful long time to think about going through the accursed gate. Riku was a no show and with Ame in deep though. Ren was the last man standing. He began to walk towards the gate as he placed his Breathing Mask on before pushing the gate open and walking through into the Chuunin Exams Round Two Exam Area. It was his time to shine.
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PostSubject: Re: العلاقة بين الطقس والعقيدة   9th August 2012, 11:12 am

Riku had woken up with a refreshed look on his face, as he stretched he was suddenly hit with realization. He was late for the second round of the Chuunin exams. Riku quickly dressed and headed out in the direction of the Round two. Riku decided to put on his basic outfit consisting of his clan with two red dots above his forehead, two arm guards on his forearms. These guards are red and cover from his knuckles to his mid fore arm. He has light grayish hair that is short and deep drown eyes and dazzling white teeth. He wears a white padded vest across his chest and ribs. from the bottom of this vest white robs flow down to his ankles. He has black pants below the robes with a blood red belt. Attached to this are two pouches on the back of his robes at his belt level, one is an items pouch and the other is his medical pouch. His forehead protector was wrapped around his waist, Riku had done that to show his clan symbol on his forehead. The underside of his forearm guards also have a place to hold 2 shuriken where they cannot be see. That means 4 hidden shuriken total in both arms. A kunai holster is attached to his belt just under, and out of sight, in his robes. His Kamigami Doki is kept slung on his right hip because he is normally left handed but has been known to be ambidextrous. His second katana rested on his back, For the last of his equipment he has two scrolls attached to his belt under his robes. Two custom black ninja boots are on his feet.

Rikumaru had finally caught up with his sensei, it was only for a short while as his sensei spoke. "This round is about teamwork...Since Amemaru won both fights, He will be in charge when yall are grouped together. Next will be Rene...This is the round that you make up for the last one Riku...Good luck, I will be watching, Make me proud to call you my students!” Riku then watched has his sensei vanished, he was ready to redeem himself as this was his chance to prove that he was worthy of being a Chuunin. Riku would wait with his team until it was time for them to start.
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PostSubject: Re: العلاقة بين الطقس والعقيدة   

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العلاقة بين الطقس والعقيدة
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