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 Inuzuka Clan

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PostSubject: Inuzuka Clan   2nd June 2012, 6:22 am

Name of the clan: Inuzuka Clan
Bloodline name: N/A
Clan element/'s: N/A

The members are given their own canine partner(s) when they reach a certain age. Thereafter, the shinobi and their dog(s) are practically inseparable. The shinobi and canine allies fight using collaboration jutsu, such as the Fang Passing Fang amongst others that take advantage of their teamwork. By concentrating chakra to their noses this is amplified to an even greater extent allowing the user to be able to detect, track and monitor targets from a fair distance away. The clan's fighting style primarily revolves around their enhanced speed, strength and agility granted by the Four Legs Technique and other canine-based attacks, in conjunction with the tactical advantages granted by their heightened senses.

Special characteristics/traits: All of the members are easily identified by the distinctive red fang markings on their cheeks. Also, all of their dogs are named after colors, while the members are named after of the body of a dog (fang, nose, claw, etc.)


Bloodline description: N/A

Bloodline weaknesses: N/A

Secret clan Jutsus:

Number of members allowed: N/A
Creators notes: Open
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Inuzuka Clan
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